“Pointing out” in Irish

A friend of mine pointed out (sic!) that it was an Anglicism to use pointeáil amach for “to point out”. Well, I have learnt this expression from the books of Maidhc Dainín Ó Sé, who, while a Gaeltacht man, sometimes makes use of unacceptable Anglicisms, having spent most of his life in the States. However, this particular Anglicism I find acceptable, because it is simply a loan-translation, which will be understood correctly (i.e. it does not clash with an existing expression in Irish, and it can be assimilated to Irish grammar and syntax).

However, I understand you might like to use a more Gaelic expression, and that would be rud a chur in iúl do dhuine. Note though that in this expression you must point out a thing to somebody. If you just point out a thing generally, I guess your best bet is aird a tharraingt ar rud, which is also what focloir.ie gives.


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